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World’s First Online Demolition Management Course

This course was created by the PERSES team led by Dr Yazan Osaily, whose PhD thesis on demolition project management formed a significant volume of the content.

Other contributors to the course included Stephen McCann and Mick Daynes, a veteran demolition machine operator and site supervisor who provided input to the relevant modules.

This fully interactive course follows Rosenshine's principles of instruction and follows additional research, which suggests that seven minutes is an ideal timespan in which to concentrate and learn. With this in mind, our modules vary with video, gamification and reading, all under seven minutes, so that even the most extended and complicated modules flow effortlessly for the learner.

The course runs over 25+ lessons and is highly interactive to ease the learning process for the learners. It also sheds light on the latest developments in the industry, such as the role of the demolition industry in the transition towards the circular economy, presents the current challenges, and potential solutions, and provides guidelines for both clients and demolition contractors to maximise the chances of successfully delivering projects. We have engaged with more than 40 organisations in the country to ensure the accuracy of the presented information.


Demolition: General

1. Introduction to the demolition industry

2. Demolition methods

3. Sub-lesson 1: Safety equipment

4. Sub-lesson 2: Use equipment properly

5. Sub-Lesson 3: Slips and trips

The demolition process

1. The demolition process

2. Sub-lesson 4: Method statements

3. Sub-lesson 5: Managing and reporting risks

4. Sub-lesson 6: Closing a project

Temporary work on demolition sites

1. Temporary works

Challenges in the demolition industry

1. Root-cause challenges for hindering the successful delivery of demolition projects

Structural awareness

1. Structural awareness

2. Demolition cuts

The circular economy in the demolition industry

1. The circular economy

2. Park 20|20: Circular economy case study

Scheduling, planning, and cost estimation

1. Project scheduling techniques

2. Cost estimation for demolition projects

Demolition project management

1. What Is project management?

2. Demolition project management pathways

3. Guidelines for clients

4. Guidelines for demolition contractors

5. Summary: Streamlined version of the guidelines

6. Sub-lesson: Mental health awareness

Crisis management

1. Introduction to crisis management

2. Responding to crisis: Demolition role

The learning time is approximately 30-40 hours for the entire course, which is fully certified. The course is certified by CDP and PERSES and with the Middle East University based in Jordan.


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