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Demolition Hub began life in 2020 and is the world’s only independent bimonthly demolition industry magazine.

Our team created Demolition Hub in September 2020 after many years’ involvement in the demolition media industry and so it was then we had a vision to establish a positive, industry supporting, bimonthly publication offering insight into the UK and global demolition industry, case studies, site visits and interviews the like of which had not been seen before.

For almost three years Demolition Hub has published news, a variety of differing features, interviews and events.


Demolition Hub magazine is printed and sent out to 5,000 named individuals and companies including almost every UK based demolition contractor.

We also have a large international following and a variety of different sectors signed up to receive a digital edition of which you can handily find via this link: Demolition Hub magazine.

​We also bring you the UK’s online Demolition Directory, with all 500+ demolition contractors conveniently listed.

​​We are media partner to the European Demolition Association, the National Demolition Association in the United States and the Indian Demolition Association and we work in conjunction with other regional federations to get their members the very best exposure.

We are present in person and in terms of media partnerships with all major global demolition and relevant construction events.


Our mantra from day one has been pro-demolition, we champion both the suppliers to the industry as well as the small and huge projects the talented contractors complete.

We will forever be #championgdemolition

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