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SMH PRODUCTS, new member of the EDI

SMH PRODUCTS, new member of the EDI

The European Decontamination Institute welcomes its newest member: SMH PRODUCTS.

SMH PRODUCTS was established as a manufacturer of fiberglass products more than 40 years ago. Since then, the company has expanded its activities to decontamination, becoming a supplier for the asbestos removal industry in United Kingdom. As of now, SMH PRODUCTS operates 8 branches in United Kingdom, France, Australia, Spain and New Zealand. It has become a leading manufacturer of special equipment in relation to decontamination.

Their products vary from asbestos consumables, vacuum cleaners and floor grinders to airless sprayers and entire decontamination systems. This way, SMH PRODUCTS aims to provide products and services to any sector where contamination and exposure to hazardous substances might be a persistent work risk.


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