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Reston Waste invests £2m in JCB waste handling fleet

Reston Waste invests £2m in JCB waste handling fleet

A leading independent skip hire and waste management company has invested in machines worth more than £2 million - making its fleet exclusively JCB.

Purchased by London-based Reston Waste, the new models include JCB 427 Wastemaster wheeled loading shovels, 131X and 140X tracked excavators and a JS20MH materials handler.

Supplied by dealer Greenshields JCB, the machines have been put straight to work at Reston Waste’s transfer site in Wimbledon. The wheeled loading shovels are used to pile materials, load bulk aggregates on to articulated lorries and load the trommel which separates the waste before it reaches the picking line. The excavators perform a range of roles including pre-sorting the larger items from the waste before it goes on the picking line and loading the hopper belt for the picking line through the picking station.

Reston Waste Transfer Station Manager, Josh Reston said: “The main thing when running a waste transfer station is minimising down time. We work our machines relentlessly and they are operating in a harsh environment, so we need ones which are up to the challenge. The performance of the new JCBs is of a very high standard, with next to no down time. They have all our required safety features which make each operator’s job as protected and efficient as possible.  

“We inherited some JCB machines when we took over a previous company and our operators were more than happy when the JCB models came on site. Across the product range they rate the comfort and performance of JCB machines very highly. It was as a result of their recommendation that we made the decision to move the fleet over to be solely JCB - and we haven’t looked back.”

The Stage V JCB 427 Wastemaster wheeled loader is fully loaded with a powerful and efficient Stage V Cummins engine, choice of loader arms and axle options, fuel saving auto engine shutdown feature. The unique 5-speed gearbox comes as standard and the 427 boasts one of the most operator friendly cabs on the market featuring two power modes for added versatility.

Reston Waste is a skip hire and waste clearance company based in Wimbledon. Operating throughout London, including West, South-West, South-East and Central London, the company employs up to 150 people at its two transfer sites, with a third opening shortly in Epsom. Reston Waste is proud to divert 100% of its waste away from landfill.


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