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In the cramped hall of a die-casting manufacturer, the versatile SENNEBOGEN 825 E demolition excavator carried out an efficient industrial demolition. The work, which took place in the limited space under the roof, included the removal of thick steel beams and outdated industrial equipment to make room for a new, innovative megacasting facility. The demolition excavator with long reach and maneuverability enabled the components to be precisely separated and pre-sorted, even at great heights. The successful implementation of the controlled industrial dismantling by Max Wild Gmbh paves the way for the commissioning of the new facility.

However, it's not every day that a demolition occurs in the production halls of a die-casting manufacturer. It's dark and narrow. The work has to be carried out high up under the roof of the approximately 1850 m² hall. Thick steel beams support the old industrial facilities, which have become obsolete and are to be replaced by a new megacasting facility. Megacasting is a manufacturing process in which multiple components are combined into a single die-cast part. This requires the use of a large casting machine with higher clamping force, allowing larger and more complex parts to be produced. Megacasting has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing process of various industries.

Demolition excavator in the middle of an industrial hall

The 825 demolition excavator with its long reach is exactly the right machine in the right place. The easy maneuverability thanks to the crawler track makes working inside a building easier. Equipped with demolition pliers and a gripper, the individual components are cut through and pre-sorted for recycling. Thanks to the long boom of the SENNEBOGEN 825 E, entire plant houses can be lifted and cut from the second level of the hall. Steel beams also have to be removed from the production hall, which means heavy loads also have to be moved.

The 825 E demolition excavator from SENNEBOGEN can be used individually in many locations. Its compact design offers optimal maneuverability. A long reach allows you to work from a safe distance, especially when the machine is working at high heights.

The controlled dismantling, which was carried out by the company Max Wild GmbH, was completed in May, as the new megacasting system is scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year. The machine operator was visibly enthusiastic about the demolition machine from SENNEBOGEN: “The machine is really easy to use. She responds to the finest impulses. The Sennebogen is particularly easy to work at height. With the cab, which can be raised and tilted, the driver always has a safe view of the work tool and the surroundings.”


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