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Life moves fast, grab it!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

When you say seasons the first thing that comes to mind of an Italian is four seasons pizza. Followed by the fashion collections for every season. The seasons of life. And the shifting of seasons.

Construction sites must be started and finished in time for the start of the season.

To do so there is the need for versatile, fast and precise equipment, which helps to chase time, that inexorably escapes. Life moves fast, grab it!


Time to tidy up after winter. Time to prepare, clean, and fix; parks, green areas, beaches and coastlines.

In Italy, an MB-G600 grab complete with a clam shell kit cleans the beaches of the Cosenza Riviera quickly and efficiently, after the winter storm surges have deposited logs, algae and debris on the coast. The kit offers material containment that speeds the collection and accumulation of materials of various shapes and sizes, even small and elusive, speeding up and making the operation easier.

The MB Crusher sorting grabs are also ideal for work in green areas that in winter have accumulated dead shrubs and dry twigs and need to be cleared out to get lush and blooming again. The MB-G600 sorting grabs cleans parks, gardens, and lawns from dry branches and shrubs, helping to make public green areas, parks and city gardens usable and pleasant to look at.


Quickly arrives, with the sun, the sea ... and also the desire for a stroll in the woods in search of refrigeration. But who does the maintenance of our beloved forest paths, trails, steps and bridges?

Simple: an MB-G350 grab mounted on a Caterpillar 301.7 with an operating weight of 1.7 tons together they create a perfect arrangement of stepping stones in a botanical garden in Italy. A fast, clean and above all a safe job for those involved.

Travel intensifies during summer, holidaymakers, and long weekends so maintenance of traffic and infrastructure is mandatory. In railway maintenance work, the MB-G600 sorting grapple, mounted on the Kobelco E80, can move the stacked railway sleepers easily directly onto the truck for disposal, quickly freeing up the area and allowing the job to be completed on time.


Autumn begins and with it the cold, the wind and the rain. Maintenance time? Yes, because maintaining embankments and retaining walls is a must to keep communities safe. The MB-G900 sorting grapple mounted on Hitachi 135 moves the stones that will form the embankment of the waterway. Thanks to the agility of the grab, the work was carried out with precision, respecting the inclination of the ridge for the water flow.

Not only waterway maintenance, MB Crusher grabs can also help with material selection in demolition and reconstruction projects. In Latvia, an MB-G1500 sorting grapple mounted on Komatsu effortlessly demolishes an old wooden house, while taking care of the selection of the various materials. The task is done safely and quickly, even in an urban context.

Later, this residential area will be redeveloped and new buildings established.


But in winter, what do MB Crusher sorting grabs do, do they rest?

No! They are still working. On the maintenance of a mountain road after a snowfall. The MB-G900 installed on Hitachi 135 moves boulders to the side of the road, to secure the road.

Talking about safety. The management of landfills for the handling of bizarre materials or special materials needs to be done in total security, so the MB-G450 sorting grab mounted on Komatsu PC55 moves around landfill materials to allow their quick disposal.


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