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Fiddlers Ferry Power Station blow down

Demolition Hub was supposed to be in Warrington as guests of both P.P. O'Connor and our friends at Sky Revolutions for the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station blow down this morning…

However after a busy week at some point yesterday between Brussels and London Ben Chambers, who was meant to attend, picked up a bug from.

By the wonders of WhatsApp we have been communicating with the video maestros over the last few hours and Sky Revolutions MD Ben Gorham and his team has put together this amazing demolition footage for Demolition Hub for the industry to see.

Congratulations to all involved and thanks to Ben and his colleagues as well as Daniel Mackinlay MIDE Tech IOSH and Charmaine O'Connor from PPOC for the opportunity and successful blow down.

We shall make it there for March!


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