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DEVELON Fleet Helps Clear Site of Former Innocenti Factory

DEVELON Fleet Helps Clear Site of Former Innocenti Factory

An impressive fleet of machines from DEVELON (formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment) has been at work for about a year in recovery work on the long-abandoned area of the former Innocenti factory in the Rubattino district, on the outskirts of Milan in Italy. This part of the Lambrate region has previously experienced depopulation and the closure of manufacturing sites.

It is a 400,000 m2 construction site, one of the most important in the city, where various DEVELON machines are carrying out the demolition of the yards, targeted reclamation, screening and recovery of materials.

Five DEVELON excavators including DX350LC-7, DX340LC-7, DX300LC-7 and DX245NHD-7 models equipped with grapples, hammers and crushers are dedicated to the demolition of floors, crushing the reinforced concrete to be able to separate out the rebar. The rubble produced is then moved for screening on site by two Doosan DL380-7 wheel loaders and a Doosan DA30 articulated dump truck (ADT).

Once the demolition has been completed, which Is scheduled for July 2023, part of the 70,000 m3 of screened material will be used as raw material to build the base on which an imposing logistics centre will be built which will occupy a large part of the area. Excess material will be sent to authorised external facilities.

All of the site's activities are managed by Turin-based Unica Spa company, one of the leading Italian groups in the sector of reclamation, recovery and development of the urban and industrial areas of decommissioned industries.

With its integration of skills, Unica Spa is able to operate with four industrial divisions - reclamation, demolition, construction and projects/investments - having all the necessary personnel and means all available in-house. Unica Spa currently has a permanent staff of over 100 employees. In 2022, more than 100 contracts were completed and over 110,000 tonne of waste was disposed of or sent for recovery, with the company's constant commitment to environmental sustainability, ranking it among the top five national companies in the sector.

Unica Spa not only manages impressive construction sites in the Milan area, the company has been active on important work in Cortina for the demolition of the old ice bobsled track aimed at the construction of the new Olympic track.

For all of these activities, Unica Spa has chosen to rely on Develon machinery.

Paolo Andreini, President of Unica SpA, states: “For three years we have been using Develon machines with which we are fully satisfied both in economic terms but above all in terms of meeting our needs, thanks to their undisputed quality. Our Develon fleet consists of over 30 machines, all of which we own, including excavators of all sizes, loaders and dump trucks. “We are a well-capitalised company able to directly support investments to deal with the important orders that we continue to acquire. This policy is giving us important results and this is possible thanks to excellent partners such as Develon and the dealer, DMO, in the figure of Gianmaria Lupis, whom I know I can count on for every need.” Gianmaria Lupis, DMO commercial manager for Lombardy, adds: “The fully trusted commercial relationship between Unica Spa and DMO is continuing to translate into important equipment orders. In just three years, DMO has supplied a complete fleet of machines, from the 8 tonne DX85 mini-excavator to the DX140LC-7 to several DX245NHD-7, to the Demolition machines, as well as several DX300LC-7, DX340LC-7, DX350LC-7 and DX380LC-7 excavators, DL300-7 and DL380-7 wheel loaders and two DA30 dump trucks. “All the numerous accessories and attachments we have are also strictly Develon. The excellent relationship with the president Paolo Andreini is also due to the fact that he knows he can count on the complementary services that DMO guarantees, such as fast rental for emergencies and the continuous specialised assistance service directly on site, essential considering the number of Develon machines constantly at work.” For more on DEVELON, please visit the website:


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