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Cawarden awarded a place on Transformative £8bn Procure Partnerships Framework Deal

Cawarden awarded a place on Transformative £8bn Procure Partnerships Framework Deal

Derby-based specialist contractor Cawarden has won a place on a £8 billion framework deal.

Procure Partnerships Framework has appointed 87 contractors to its second-generation National Framework.

The body has been operating and delivering a successful national contractor framework across England for the past four years, supporting the delivery of over 150 projects year on year.

35 contractors were reappointed on the next iteration of the framework, which is set to be the biggest framework ever awarded across the UK, structured across 9 sub-regional lots covering 5 value bands starting at 50K and going up to 50M+.

65% of contractors within the lots up to £15m are small to medium enterprises.

The successful bidders will now cover four disciplines: Construction, Decarbonisation and Retrofit, Demolition and Site Preparation, and Infrastructure.

Procure Partnerships Framework will start to support the procurement of projects from 1st November, and successful bidders will lend to its success for the next 4 years until 2027.

Faye Dolan, Head of National Frameworks commented:

“It was of paramount importance to Procure Partnerships Framework that the new framework addresses the growing needs of the industry, whilst ensuring clients have access to specialist contractors for their projects. As a result, we are delighted to have some new faces on the framework which will bring invaluable expertise to our clients and their projects. The new iteration of the framework is set to transform public and private sector procurement and we look forward to seeing what Cawarden achieves over the next four years.”

Oliver Crooks, Commercial Director said:

“We are excited to have earned a spot on the Procure Partnerships Framework. Our goal is to work together to secure new opportunities and provide our demolition and site preparation expertise to deliver quality projects.”


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