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AZBESTOP, new member of the EDI

AZBESTOP, new member of the EDI

Based in the Czech Republic, AZBESTOP has been providing services related to the disposal of asbestos for the last ten years.

AZBESTOP, based in the Czech Republic, is a contractor company dedicated to the removal and disposal of asbestos.

For the past ten years, it has provided a variety of services related to this hazardous substance. Among them are the disposal of asbestos in both interior and exterior settings, as well as asbestos disposal in industrial environments.

AZBESTOP greatly prioritizes not only the quality of the removal but also the safety of those involved and consistent decontamination. It has a number of exemplary works, such as the most extensive asbestos disposal in the Czech Republic in the last decade in a former telecommunications building, disposal of asbestos from façade during the operation of the polyclinic in Brno or the disposal of asbestos in underground cable collectors.

As the Board of Directors members, Mr Tomáš Hadzima & Mr Tomáš Pašovič, express: “We want to contribute to keeping the Earth’s air, water and soil clean for future gene


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