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The nominees of the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards 2024

The nominees of the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards 2024

The nominees for the 9th INTERMAT InnovationAwards 2024 were announced today (January 18) during the INTERMAT Press Days.

30 of the event’s exhibitors and co-exhibitors are now in the running to become winners.

Chaired by Alain Grizaud, the chairman of FNTP, the international INTERMAT Innovation Awards competition pays tribute to equipment, technology, services, solutions or products that contribute to driving progress in the construction, infrastructure and materials industries, and to achieving the major transitions in the sector.

Among the new developments in this ninth edition, entrants could compete in news categories New Technologies & Energy and Low carbon & energy transition while four special awards recognising initiatives by companies offering a specific innovation will also be presented: World of Concrete Award, Low carbon Initiative and solution Award, Strat-up Award and Safety Award.

The jury* will meet for the final time in March to select the winners in each of the 5 categories and 4 Special Prizes. The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on April 24, the first day of the show.

The diversity and inventiveness of the products, equipment, technologies and services honoured by the jury illustrate the tremendous capacity for innovation of equipment manufacturers, and the excellence of their practices in collectively providing innovative, sustainable solutions tailored to the needs of construction professionals.

The 7 nominees in the category Earthmoving, Demolition and Transport

  • CANGINI BENNE SRL - Evo System applied to quick couplers


  • DMS TECHNOLOGIE GMBH - Sorting Grab including carrier tool Softgrip

  • DYNASET OY - HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket

  • MINITOP - Tracksformer

  • STEELWRIST - Open-S Standard

  • STEELWRIST - TCX Tilt coupler

The 5 nominees in the category Roads, Materials and Foundations Industries

  • BOMAG - Bomag emergency brake assist

  • DMS TECHNOLOGIE GMBH - Excavator Blade Control (EBC)

  • ERMONT - TSX: the ecological asphalt plant

  • SUPPLY COMPANY - Pigment in tablet form

  • WIRTGEN France - The recycling of road milling cutting tools

The 6 nominees in the category Building, Civil Engineering and Concrete Sector

  • AraNea - Composite based on Glass Fibers

  • BETOLAR - Geoprime Hollow-Core Slab


  • SATECO - ThermoKit

  • SELFBETON - Concrete filling station SELFBETON

  • SELFBETON | E-SELFTOUPIE - The electric concrete mixing traile

The 5 nominees in the category Low carbon & energy transition

  • MARINI - Marini EvoDRYER

  • MULTLITEL PAGLIERO - New full electric range, Axon: truck-mounted platforms MT 162 Axon and MJE 250 Axon

  • NOVUM TECH - Electrifical system



The 7 nominees in the category New Technologies & Energy

  • BERGERAT MONNOYEUR - Digitalization, artificial intelligence and augmented reality for fleet management

  • CHRONO FLEX - On-site hydraulic oil filtration service

  • COJALI France - Jaltest Diagnostic AR

  • EXCESS ENGINEERING AS - Electric Actuator-A Hydraulic-Free Option

  • KOMATSU EUROPE INTERNATIONAL NV - Toolset to commodify as-built terrain data collection in an earthmoving environment

  • MOASURE - Moasure ONE

  • TENSTAR SOLUTION AB - Tenstar Virtual Training Space

A judging panel made up of French and international users and experts

Chaired by Alain Grizaud, the chairman of FNTP, the jury for the INTERMAT Innovation Awards, mainly made up of users, experts from construction sector companies or bodies, comprises nine French members and eight international members involved in the themes of zero carbon and energy but also in the areas of cost savings, safety or training, which are all central topics at the 2024 edition of the show.


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