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Brian Morrisroe, CEO & Founder of Morrisroe Group.
Brian Morrisroe, CEO & Founder of Morrisroe Group.

Morrisroe are pleased to announce an important step in our ongoing integration following strategic acquisitions made in recent years. Their niche blend of specialist services delivered under an integrated self-delivery model is steadily being recognised by their target market as a strong model for value-led project delivery.

They are working hard to ensure the reality exceeds expectation, implementing a series of measures to both merge and further align operational systems and processes for seamless project delivery. To support the culture shift they are making internally to working ‘as one’, they are rebranding Cantillon and A J Morrisroe, so that from 24th July this year, Cantillon Demolition Limited will move forward as Morrisroe Demolition and A J Morrisroe Limited will trade as Morrisroe.

The rebrand will also present a clearer message to their market about who they are and the services they deliver.

"I believe it is the right moment for us to further align our brand. GSS Piling and Cantillon Demolition have been strong cultural fits, allowing us to leverage the many synergies between our businesses. Together, we are one of a handful of specialist trade contractors able to ‘self-deliver’ a broader scope of specialist packages to the London and Birmingham markets with a single point of contact." "Our large diameter piling capability has already been brought under Morrisroe branding and complements our integrated offer, particularly in relation to large and complex basement works,"

"Our demolition business increasingly represents us in the early procurement stages, communicating our unique value proposition to our clients. The idea of our integrated specialist delivery model encompassing demolition through to the completion of the structure has gained considerable traction in our market, so it made sense that our intention to work seamlessly together ‘as one’ should be reflected in our branding.

I believe this will create greater internal alignment and will add momentum to our ongoing improvement and future growth plans."

Brian Morrisroe, CEO & Founder of Morrisroe Group.

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