Voice of the Global Demolition Industry


National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) is the longest-established and only trade body representing the UK demolition industry. NFDC has championed industry standards, promoting the value of using accredited demolition contractors, for 80 years. NFDC counts some of the biggest names in demolition amongst its membership of 150 demolition contractors and 90 industry service providers.


NFDC’s core activity centres around Five Areas of Focus; Raising Industry Standards, Raising the Profile, Industry Leadership, Strategic Partnerships and Membership Satisfaction. Strategic priorities for NFDC include, but are not limited to; developing workforce competence, safety, environment, mental health and diversity in demolition. The Federation is made up of a dedicated team of passionate individuals, driven to achieve goals for the good of the membership, the wider demolition industry and for those who commission demolition projects.


Despite a most challenging year globally due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and subsequent restrictions placed on our way of working and living, NFDC has supported its members with helplines, frequent communications, guidance and government signposting to help them to navigate their way through this unimaginable period. We are proud that NFDC accredited contractors are leading the way in creating Covid-secure workplaces to safeguard the physical health and wellbeing of the demolition workforce and the general public – and of the resilience shown by the overall UK demolition industry to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

In spite of the changing agenda due to the global pandemic, coupled with lobbying against industry-specific changes that will impact demolition contractors, such as proposed UK policy changes to the Red Diesel rebate and the introduction of Reverse Charge VAT, NFDC has made significant progress with its strategic priorities throughout the year 2020.


NFDC is committed to further enhancing its position as the trusted authority and go-to resource for everything demolition.


You can find out more about NFDC at demolition-nfdc.com, or browse digital editions of NFDC’s flagship in-house publication, Demolition & Dismantling magazine at nfdcpublications.net.


If it’s demolition training you’re looking for, NFDC’s sister brand National Demolition Training Group (NDTG) is the issuer of industry-acclaimed CCDO card scheme and training course provider for both CCDO courses and specialist demolition skills. Find out more and get advice on maintaining competence in demolition at demolition.training.