Demolition Hub were today sent the following words from NFDC CEO Howard Button for us to spread on our channels and to our readers and viewers, we thank Howard for his support and tireless work for the NFDC and the industry.

We will be interviewing Howard in April’s Demolition Hub magazine. A man with that much knowledge and experience has many a tale to tell – Thank you Howard.

Howard’s words verbatim:

“Can I just say to everyone having been an officer of the Federation through the various stages since 1992 it is a big move for me to stand aside but time catches up with all of us. I am not stepping down completely more stepping to one side and reducing my working week down to three days once a suitable replacement has been found.
Big thanks to everyone that I have meet over the years I will miss you all.”

Photo: Demolition Hub’s MD Ben Chambers with Howard Button

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