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Logan Generating Station in Swedesboro, New Jersey, is a 242-megawatt pulverized coal-fired power plant, the very last of its kind in New Jersey.

Over the last three months, Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC. – a nationwide industrial power plant demolition company based in Buffalo, NY – has performed controlled demolition of all major structures at the Logan Generating Station for Starwood Energy Group.

Their extensive work has included demolishing the power block, boiler house, bag house, coal conveying system, ash management system, cooling tower, and numerous other structures and buildings. This large-scale project also required careful decommissioning before the demolition took place.

Today at 11:00 am EST, Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC. performed the implosion stage of the Logan plant project by felling the 430-foot stack and a190-foot boiler that represented the nucleus of the station. Representatives from the state government, community leaders, and many project participants were all in attendance at the event.

“Total Wrecking & Environmental is proud to help clean and restore a vital area of the Swedesboro community,” says Frank Bodami, Founder & CEO of Total Wrecking & Environmental LLC. “With the final coal-fired power plant in New Jersey now safely demolished, residents can look forward to a cleaner future.”

Next month, Frank Bodami is traveling to Lakeland, Florida, to direct Total Wrecking & Environmental LLC’s implosion of another towering stack and boiler unit, which will be the first of two controlled implosions at the McIntosh Power Plant for Lakeland Electric.

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