Sky Revolutions filmed the last of five demolition blowdowns on behalf of DSM Demolition for St Francis Group today. This historic project saw the old Eggborough power station cooling towers demolished initially, followed by the boiler house, and finally on Sunday 24 July, the 200 m chimney.

Each of the vast concrete cooling towers stood 90 m tall and had been waiting for demolition since the plant closed in 2018.

Aerial event footage captured by drone at Eggborough continues to generate interest right around the world. The explosions and falling masonry are making for some of the most captivating content available anywhere, and is in high demand.

Sky Revolutions was chosen as a safe pair of hands to ensure that reliable, creative, high quality, multi-angle, multi-camera footage was delivered following each blowdown. Demolitions are once in a “lifetime” events after all; leaving them to inexperienced aerial film companies would have posed a risk too great to consider.

There is much to think about when filming this type of event, and additional challenges present themselves when working close to demolition sites. Sky Revolutions had to consider:

  • Which angles to cover and when,
  • How many drones to use,
  • Technical knowledge of multi-drone launches,
  • Safety challenges of getting close to the action,
  • Impacts on nearby structures or communities,
  • Data privacy,
  • Impact of light and weather,
  • VLOS implications,
  • Whole team communications,
  • Proximity to airfields, train tracks and roads,
  • Permissions from local services.

Getting to the heart of the action might sound simple, but Sky Revolutions are experienced construction professionals as well as drone and aerial film experts and can make recommendations as to the most effective angles. Put simply, they are known for their construction backgrounds and understood how to make the most of the action.

The Eggborough cooling towers have been a landmark in Yorkshire for more than 50 years. The land is earmarked for mixed use regeneration in a joint venture by St Francis Group and Marshall Commercial Development Projects.

The Sky Revolutions film crew at Eggborough is made up of the senior piloting team, three aerial drone pilots including an FPV drone pilot, the client Account Manager and Managing Director.

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