For the first time, MB Crusher will exhibit at the Hillhead show in 2022

MB Crusher are looking forward to welcoming you to the stand Y1 where you can find the full MB range of attachments to fit your heavy equipment. It will be the perfect opportunity to see, the rotary screening bucket, the grapple and those interchangeable rotors of the shafts screeners line or ask their consultants questions about the twin drive system of the drum cutters, or just simply see first-hand MB Crushers’ units. Also just around the corner, there will be a padding bucket demoing.

SAVE THE DATE: From the 21st of June, Buxton will have three days packed with machinery and equipment. So MB Crusher have decided it was the ideal time to show their NEWEST models of shaft screeners. They are game-changers.

Why you might wonder? Because of their versatility and performance, let’s give a couple of hints to this statement.

In most sites, you see a digging bucket attached to the excavator, simply because it is used for a variety of tasks. This seeded the idea.

And what MB Crusher made are two sorting machines, that resemble a digging bucket, while capable to do much more. Obviously, in the new units, they kept their signature feature, the possibility to easily exchange the shafts at the site.

So this is it. A tool that is practical, easy to use and capable of delivering high production. As always 100% made in Italy, and on show at the stand Y1.

Out of the several reasons why MB Crusher decided to exhibit at Hillhead this year the one that prompted them the most to come to this scenic quarry, is the fact that now more than ever there is a need to recover and process materials. To be independent.

The material shortage is hitting all industries causing delays and inconveniences. They will be at Hillhead offering the solution to avoid waiting for material to be delivered by attaching one of their units directly to your excavator, skid steer or loader. Does not matter how big or small your carrier is, they have got you covered!

But this is not all.

Keep an eye on their website or their socials for more updates

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