Last week Mates in Mind were on BBC Morning Live, where they discussed the dangers of stress within the workplace and the devastating impact it can have.

This April 1, Mates in Mind will begin their Stress Awareness Month campaign aimed at changing the conversation around workplace stressTheir goal is for the campaign to motivate organisations to take meaningful action to install long term change within their workplaces, ensuring a healthier and safer environment for their team.

Mates in Mind encourage everyone to use this month as an opportunity to open up vital conversations about stress at work and to initiate open and honest dialogues with staff.

To help support important conversations about workplace stress this Stress Awareness month, Mates in Mind will be sharing their Managing and Reducing Workplace Stress Handbook, designed to guide employers through understanding and identifying workplace stressors, their role and responsibilities as an employer, supporting your team and how to take steps towards managing and reducing workplace stress.

Access the handbook here:—0322_Stress-Awareness-Month.html

Did you know that employers are under a legal duty to assess the risk of workplace stress for their workers and to take appropriate action to ensure their wellbeing? (HSE).

This Stress Awareness Month, Mates in Mind can help employers to understand, manage and prevent stress in their teams and workplaces. They help leaders to understand the importance and practicalities of completing team and individual stress risk assessments, ensuring that you fulfil your legal duty of care.

Mates in Mind supporters received early access to all campaign resources within their Supporter Portal, including several supporter exclusive resources which will are not available to the public such as Stress risk assessment templates, toolbox talks, infographics and posters. 

Learn more about becoming a supporter here:

Join Mates in Mind and become part of the change

Mates in Mind Supporters also have exclusive access to a range of resources, training and support, designed to help their organisation implement their workplace mental health program. In addition to access to exclusive resources, products and training programmes, Mates in Mind Supporters can:

  • Access an annual assessment of their programme and a recommendations report to help identify any gaps in their approach
  • Access too our ‘Start the Conversation’ course, an all-employee general mental health awareness programme
  • Access to a dedicated Support Manager to act as a guide through an organisations mental wellbeing journey and offer any new resources as they become available
  • Benefit from counselling through the National Counselling Society at a discounted rate, to help staff members who may need a little extra support

To find out more about becoming a Mates in Mind Supporter, fill out our contact us form today and one of our dedicated Support Managers will get in touch to schedule an introduction call.

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