From offshore drilling platforms to harsh desert conditions, from building sites to the most exacting industries, KOHLER Power Systems EMEA generating sets have proven their performance and reliability time and time again. Dedicated solely to generating sets, KOHLER Power Systems EMEA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field. Part of a major international group, it benefits from the support of an extensive distribution network. KOHLER Power Systems EMEA currently boasts one of the largest product offerings on the market, positioning itself as a true energy solutions provider.

Kohler Power Systems EMEA manufactures and markets a range of generators from 2 – 4500 kVA to meet all power needs and suit all applications.

Going further to support you, remaining closer to your needs, KOHLER Power Systems EMEA deploys its international network across 130 countries.


A specialist in made-to-measure energy solutions for over 50 years, KOHLER Power System EMEA has used its skills and expertise to help its rental customers meet very specific requirements through the definition of a Rental Power range from 2 kVA to 2800 kVA:

  • Portable Power (STAGE V compliant) – 2-20 kVA
  • Rental Compact (STAGE V compliant) – 20-330 kVA
  • Contenergy – 800-2800 kVA (on demand)

KOHLER Power Systems EMEA


All engines with no power limit designed for UK & European Union use and manufactured as from January 1st, 2019 need to be STAGE V compliant. This regulation concerns all off-road mobile motorized equipment in the UK & European Union market, especially mobile generating sets.

KOHLER, as a leader in the Power Generation market and respectful of the environment, is able to offer you a wide range of PORTABLE POWER & RENTAL COMPACT gensets, equipped with STAGE V engines.


Rental Compact Generating Set:

  • Stage V compliant engine
  • Adjustable earth fault protection and earthing rod
  • Four-pole circuit breaker
  • Containment fuel tank and large autonomy
  • Forks and frame protection pads
  • Access door to the radiator
  • Battery isolating switch
  • Oil drainage pump

Portable Generating Set:
DIESEL6000A Silence UK

  • Stage V compliant
  • Kohler air-cooled industrial engine
  • Silent
  • Connection interface equipped with an hour meter
  • Hydrocarbons bulk tank
  • APM202 control panel displays overspeed, starting failure, oil pressure, battery and temperature

The Kohler Power Systems EMEA team will be available throughout the show, ready to update you on our product range, and to discuss your requirements.

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