The challenges faced by the industry to ensure we minimize our impact on the environment, are challenges we face across our sector as a whole and within the wider process of planning & development. The demolition industry is proud to be part of a much greater push for environmentally friendly growth, with an average recorded recycling rate of 96% over the past 8 years.

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) has previously spoken out about the difficulties that arise when such issues are tackled in isolation rather than as a whole. ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ are an example of such a solution, which has seen a rise in pre-fabricated components using mixed materials, such as panelised wall components, which make on-site construction easier, but cause huge issues at demolition and refurbishment stages as they are extremely problematic to reuse or recycle.

As an industry we continue to urge planners to involve demolition experts as early as possible in the process of works, so we can provide expertise and give practical, realistic advice on the viability of recycling materials and impact of a project.

NFDC members are well-positioned to provide pre-redevelopment audits and the Federation regularly updates and publishes guidance, such as the ‘Demolition & Refurbishment Resource Protocol’, which inform contractors of best-practice surrounding issues such as minimizing carbon footprints and reducing waste.

The NFDC regularly works with other industry and sector bodies, such as the Institute of Demolition Engineers and BuildUK, to further improve the impact of the industry on the environment. As a Federation we welcome further collaboration to tackle these crucial issues and lead our sector into an even greener future.

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