The NFDC are excited to confirm that the NFDC Conference Theatre programme for Demo Expo 2021 is now finalised and they will be exclusively revealing the speakers and their topics in the run up to the show, with the first three speakers announced today! 

With a two day programme of top quality conference sessions, hundreds of exhibitors showcasing across the co-located Demo Expo and Letsrecycle Live shows, NFDC regional meetings, live demonstrations and more – you don’t want to miss it. If you’ve not already secured FREE visitor tickets to the event, it’s quick and easy to register online. 

Tables for the Demo Expo and Letsrecycle Live Reunion Dinner on 15th September at Crowne Plaza, Stratford upon Avon, are also selling fast. If you’re keen to attend, don’t delay your booking and remember to secure accommodation via the Letsrecycle Live website to make sure you receive the show’s preferential rates. 

Many factors are pointing to this being the decade when the dial shifts – when decommissioning, decontamination, dismantling and demolition firms gain increasing and more widespread respect for the role they play in the wider built environment. The next ten years could be very exciting for demolition, indeed.

Drawing upon nearly four decades of industry experience, join Richard Vann on 16th September at 12.45 as he explores the catalysts for this new movement, the benefits for clients, and how contractors and consultants alike could best leverage the opportunities that lie ahead. Find out more

Technology is pushing boundaries with the latest in smart security reshaping and driving the future of key industries. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of all sectors and despite the construction and demolition industries’ reputation of being the least digitised, the past year has demonstrated how disruption can be a positive driving force for businesses to adapt attitude and culture to meet with evolving client demands. 

Ross Martin, Technical Director at Coubari Ltd, takes the stage at Demo Expo on 15th September at 3.30pm to provide expert insight on challenges and successes of enhanced technology practices with an overview of lessons learnt from the past year. Find out more

Compliance is critical, but Safety in the workplace requires much more than a box-ticking exercise. We still have injuries, some serious, and unfortunately for others, fatalities. So what still needs to change? Of course the answer is, we do. But here is the problem, the relationship between human behaviour and safety is a complex matter. It’s not about common sense. If it was we would stand a better chance! So, whose responsibility is safety? Technically it is everybody’s. Everybody should be empowered to be leaders of safety. But that will depend on the emphasis we place on safety and willingness we have to pass the ownership for safety to our workforce by making safety personal.

Demo Expo is pleased to welcome Behavioural Safety Expert, Simon Napier-Munn to the conference speaker line up for 2021. Join Simon on 16th September at 3pm for a 45 minute talk where he’ll highlight the need to go beyond compliance, make safety personal and lead from the top. Find out more

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