Avon Council to consider $571,235 offer for town hall demolition

Town held a competitive bid to raze former municipal building

The town of Avon held a competitive bid Thursday to demolish the former town hall building; the low offer came from Tasman Geosciences at $571,235.

The town stopped using the building for municipal services in 2018, when the Avon Police Department and the town of Avon staff moved into new buildings. Funds for demolition were budgeted in 2020, but until Thursday, no official bid had been received. The town budgeted $450,000 for the project in 2020 and $525,000 in the 2021 budget, which was passed in December.

Town Engineer Justin Hildreth, in a memo published Friday, said to fully fund the project, the budget will have to be increased to $643,359 in the next capital projects fund budget amendment scheduled for March. That figure includes $10,000 for environmental consulting services, $5,000 for geotechnical testing services, and a 10% contingency of $57,124.

“There are adequate reserves in the capital projects fund to cover the increased project budget,” Hildreth said.

Expensive asbestos abatement

The price tag on the project is more than a standard demolition due to the fact that the building walls contain asbestos which could be disturbed in the process.

On their website, Tasman Geosciences boasts of a zero violation record with regard to their Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment general abatement contractor license, and says the company carries “$10M in (asbestos-containing material) related professional and liability insurance to provide our clients with the highest level of confidence when performing our inspections or abatements.”

Hildreth said in addition to Tasman’s bid of $571,235, the town also received a bid of $714,987 from American Demolition, Inc., and a bid of $939,654 from Orion Environmental Inc.

Tasman Geosciences says the company uses in-house resources to manage and perform the majority of its projects, “eliminating the need to hire short-service employees or subcontract the work.”

The company also owns its own heavy equipment.

“Utilizing these in-house resources, Tasman can efficiently perform (asbestos-containing material) management services ranging from simple presumed (asbestos-containing material) inspections and (asbestos-containing material) abatement design programs, to large-scale (asbestos-containing material) abatement and environmental demolition projects.”

Complete by June

Hildreth said the proposed work is scheduled to begin in early March, pending council approval, and is scheduled to be completed by June 1.

“The contract documents include assessment of liquidated damages at $900 per day if the project is not completed on time,” Hildreth added.

The work will also include grading and revegetation of the property.

“A future public restroom including support space for special events in the park is envisioned on the site with construction budgeted in 2022,” Hildreth said.

At the regular meeting of the Avon Town Council on Tuesday, elected officials will consider authorizing issuance of a notice of award to Tasman Geosciences. If approved, the council is also expected to increase the project budget to $643,359.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:15 p.m.; the demolition discussion is listed ninth on the agenda and scheduled for 7:35 p.m.

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