As Big Sky Land Management (BSLM) continues to take on complicated jobs, the projects’ challenges grow. Their job sites’ challenges are common in the industry, while their solution makes a multi-step solution simpler. 

 Some of the challenges that BSLM’s job sites present them with include working in a small, remote location, working on challenging terrain, or even wanting to cut costs. However, BSLM has a resilient answer to their problems: MB’s BF120.4 crusher bucket. The compact yet robust jaw crusher has been a useful and consistent asset for the company. The unit’s portability and versatility created a viable solution to commonplace challenges on the job site.

 A hard-to-reach job site? The BF120.4 crusher bucket solves this problem easily; you can transport the unit while mounted to the excavator you’re already bringing up to the site. Are you working on challenging terrain that limits how you can transport materials? The crusher bucket solves this by giving you the ability to process material directly on the job site without needing to haul foreign material.

 BSLM has saved on material hauling expenses and cut their costs by reusing material already on site. For example, BSLM’s current project requires clearing the land to build a private subdivision. As the clearing starts, BSLM excavates the ground, pulling out thousands of yards of river rock, then, using the bucket, they crush the excavated material on site to use as structural fill. The crusher gave them the ability to reuse the material, which cut their costs in two aspects: they eliminated the costs of hauling the river rock to be processed elsewhere or thrown away. They stopped having to purchase the material they would use as fill.

BSLM crushed over 10,000 yards of material directly on-site at their current project, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in related costs.

When we spoke with BSLM, they said they used their jaw crusher on several projects with the same outcome. The unit helps them cut costs, reduces strain on logistics, and most importantly, gives them the versatility to process directly on site.

After a little over a year with their unit, Big Sky Land Management gives a deep satisfaction with the BF120.4 crusher bucket.

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