On 27 November, Safedem, an NFDC member, set a new Guinness World Record for the tallest building brought down by explosives (controlled demolition).

The tallest of the four buildings at Mina Plaza, Abu Dhabi stood a whopping 165.032 metres and had 144 storeys, a full 33 metres or 25 per cent taller than the previous world record holder.

The controlled demolition, was conducted for Modon Properties and was necessary to make way for the second phase of a mega project for the redevelopment of Mina Zayed to revitalise the area including the traditional markets, a project that will cover three million square metres.

Mina Zayed was inaugurated in 1972 but reducing the towers to the ground took a mere 10 seconds.

The standing record, was for the demolition of the Hudson Building in Detroit and dated from 24 October 1998.

Acting CEO of Modon Properties Bill O’Regan said: “We’re very proud of the achievement, and we’re very proud to receive this today on behalf of Modon, the Department of Municipalities and Transportation and everybody who worked on the project. There are too many to mention today but all of the departments, authorities and security services that worked on the project also own this record.

Official Guinness World Records Adjudicator Danny Hickson said: “Congratulations, you are officially amazing.”

Modon properties was established in January 2018 as a real estate development company, mandated by the Government of Abu Dhabi to develop integrated tourism destinations and sustainable residential communities. 

The company works in line with the goals of Abu Dhabi’s Future Plan, supporting the Emirate’s economic success and keeping pace with its future growth.

The Abu Dhabi media office said: “The demolition of towers, part of Mina Zayed redevelopment project, was successfully and safely concluded in 10 seconds. Abu Dhabi Municipality would like to thank all participating parties and the public for their cooperation and adherence to precautionary safety measures.”O’Regan said: “Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s vision to become a principal example of high-quality urban development, Modon is dedicated to applying the highest of international standards to its projects, creating a diverse range of world-class modern destinations across the emirate.”

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