Ransome Attachments, Lumberton, New Jersey, has added Cobra screening buckets, developed and produced by Finland-based Cernos Oy, to its lineup of attachments. The deal brings Cobra’s added crushing functionality to customers who have heavy-duty operations, Ransome says in a news release.

Cernos has been manufacturing the Cobra screening bucket for 26 years and has been primarily distributing it in Scandinavia. Under new management, the company is expanding into new markets worldwide, the company says.

Eric Ransome, owner of Ransome Attachments, says he considers the Cobra screening bucket a perfect complement to the Gyru-Star line of compact screening buckets Ransome Attachments began distributing earlier this year.

“The Gyru-Star is for topsoil screening with no crushing action, and it’s designed for compact machinery,” he says. “The Cobra fits both compact and heavy equipment and can screen and crush construction debris and soft rock materials including brick, sheet rock and asphalt for heavy industrial applications.”

Ransome will offer the full line of Cobra models to fit various applications within the composting, topsoil, recycling, demolition, landscaping, pipeline and general construction markets. Its high screening capacity and adjustable grain size are designed to allow waste soil and other materials to be turned into usable products, Ransome says.

Cobra can be adjusted for pure screening functionality for topsoil, compost, mulch, peat and sand. The end product can then be used for stockpiling and pipeline backfilling and padding. Cobras can also be configured for screening and crushing denser materials, including concrete, rubble, glass, drywall, asphalt millings, rock salt and coal. The screener-crusher setting can handle wet, sticky and other difficult soils, Ransome says.

While designed for heavy-duty operations, Cobra fits equipment from miniature to full-sized excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes and telehandlers.

All Cobra models feature either a single or twin hydraulic drive with chain transmission. A double-acting hydraulic circuit allows the operator to screen and crush in forward or reverse, eliminating the potential for clogging. The drum configuration can either be vertical (via the K Series) or horizontal (via the XS, S and L Series).

According to the company, attaching and operating the Cobra simply requires attaching the bucket and two hoses and adjusting flow and pressure.

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